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MID 8 - The engine, not the quarter mile.
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The CF Bedford Project Updates

This page will allow you to follow the smaller updates not mentioned in the sections as well as which pages have been updated and when.
I should have made this page in the beginning but I never believed the custom Bedford van build up would get so many interested in it.

 Feburary 26th 2018
What a massive break this has been. I see the van everyday but unfortunately don't get the time to work on it. Work and renovating the house take it out of me, and I suppose am getting older so recovery takes longer.
I have given up smoking - bonus.
I've been asked several times for an update, sadly there isn't one. I am really hoping to make some time to finish off the wiring (is mainly the dash and steering column to go). At the moment am half way through doing the upstairs bathroom so need to get that finished.
Fingers crossed I can update this with real update soon, and maybe throw up a photo or two.

 July 4th 2017
Well guess what followed me home
Yep MID 8 finally came home. Just in time too, the weather is turning to crap.
Luckily the van has had a cover on it (small one) as there was also an opossum living in the barn. After throwing away the cover I gave a van a sponge bath - that sounds so perverted haha, ok so I gave it a wash (with a sponge haha).
First thing I wanted to do was fire it up, has been so long since I've heard it running. Took the engine cover off and found a rat or something had also been living and eating on the engine. My nice new manifold was now covered in the skeletons of birds and rat pooh.
I cleaned the crap up before going to the Rotorua swap meet, hoping the smell etc had gone by the time I got back.
Is now the 14th and I'm still waiting to start the engine. Just don't want to bake the crap on, even though I got 99% of it off.

 April 27th 2017
Wow, doesn't time fly. I still haven't been able to get the van back home yet, it's still sitting out in friends barn.
The hardest part when I can get back into it will be trying to pick up where I left off - the wiring.
I have been out to see it now and then, pump the tyres up, turn the engine over ...

 February 29th 2016
Unfortunately I have had to move into a smaller place until we can find a bigger place, so the van has had to go into storage until such time as it will fit. Hopefully wont take very long, a few months at worse.
Before it went into storage I did start working on the steering column wiring - working out what / where / why, what a mission.
Been talking to Murray at McQuoid Auto Engineering again the other day, he is now doing diff disc brakes, as well as the jumbo discs, power steering etc. He is also moving so has a cheap old CF ambulance for sale as well as some CF parts. Give him a call, first in first served, get a bargin.
Anyways, hopefully will be back into it again before you know it. Until then keep Vannin.


 January 12th 2016
Had a chance to get out in the shed so took it. Been working on the rear wiring - and have proof haha.
Am trying to future proof it and add everything I can think of, wiring wise. Things like speakers, interior lights, door switches (door open light), cig lighter in rear (charge phones etc). I have included all these things plus others and are all working, I just haven't decided where to put the battery or fuse box yet so at the moment all wiring is ending in the drivers floor space.
brake lights working
So here is the proof, it was day time so they don't look that bright, but LED brake lights working. Tail lights and indicators work too. The front wiring is all done, just need to do the engine loom and steering column which is going to be a nightmare because I'm using a jappa steering column and is very hard trying to trace the wires and make it work without a computer and all the controls they have. I'll get there.

 December 22nd 2015
Since bringing the van down I have been crook as a dog, started out with the flu, then chest infection and now something to do with my guts. Am just waiting on referral to the hospital for scans.
These last 11 (or 12) weeks have sucked, so much I wanted to get done on the van. I open the garage door and there it is, but having no energy and not eating a whole lot is really taking it's toll on my body.
Plan of attack at the moment is to get my health sorted out, rest up over the Xmas break and go hard once am back to full strength. We might be moving, but once done hopefully the updates will come thick and fast.
I'm the Grinch, so ba humbug, Have a good one. Take it easy on the roads and get your vans done.

 October 15th 2015
Thanks to Classic Towing the van has now been moved to it's new home.
I did make a video but it sucked. I still might post it up later on, but for now enjoy these two new photos.

rear and right side rear and left side
PS, The reason the doors look like they don't align is because they are slightly open, having no door handles is a real pain without electrics so I keep the catches closed so they don't close properly so can then open them when needed.
I also measured the van, it stands about 1.71m tall

 September 16th 2015
Yay, I've found a place to store the van, what a relief. I can still do some work on it but welding, grinding and painting maybe not.
I was up this week working on the van, did some on the dash (not sure if I like it though) before I ran out of mig gas (argon shield), and did a few things to get it ready for transportation, such as put in the windscreen, put all the (floor, engine etc) covers back on.
The plan is to move it next month and I hope to get some new photos and even a video walk around of the van - exciting stuff.
I need to buy a battery for it but am not ready for it, it would sit around and die so will just have to stick with vroom vroom noises for now, it does go (hot wired), just doesn't have it's full engine loom yet.

 August 31st 2015
Was talking to Murray at McQuoid Auto Engineering the other day, he's the one doing the power steering for CF Bedfords. He's been working on disc brakes for the large stud jumbo van as well as already doing them for the standard CF. He's doing the old PBR disc brakes for standard CF as well as doing a larger twin pot calliper version but needs 15" wheels. He has also found a source for brand new old school style mag wheels.
He's currently fine tuning his options so you can choose to keep the CF stud pattern or change to HQ or similar.
You can find his contact details on the links page or on trade me's service pages (just search for "cf bedford" and click services).
Murray isn't some back yard guy, he has been doing CF conversions since the 1980's, he knows what he's on about.

 August 30th 2015
Well I haven't had a great response for saving MID8, have had 2 people say they'd take the body for scrap value and that's about it.
I don't really want to scrap it after all the work I've put into it.
I might have a solution, might have found a place to store it but nothing is set in stone yet.
I was up last week and finished off the engine cover, just need some foam strips to seal it and some latches to secure it. I've also started on the dash.
I ran out of panel steel but a quick trip down to VCM (see links page for their contact details) and they were able to supply me with what I wanted. Out of all the businesses I have dealt with, this is one I can always rely on.
My mig gas bottle is in the red, hopefully I can get most if not all of the dash done before it runs out. I probably wont get another bottle until I work out what's going to happen with it. No point in paying for the gas and rental for the bottle on top.
Plan at the moment is to get the dash done, then the dash wiring. The front is all wired up and the back wiring is in place it just needs to have all the plugs put on. If I can store the van I can hopefully do the wiring while stored as it's all inside the van and wont need any doors open to do it. Will probably take a while to do the wiring as I have to convert the jap steering column (wipers, head lights etc) into a non computerised loom.
Once dash and wiring is done it's just the diff arms to make and get a few things like seat belts (I accidentally gave mine away), new bulbs for the front (LED) and that's about it, then cert time. See why I don't want to get rid of it, it's so close.

 August 14th 2015
It looks like MID8 might be coming to a premature end.
I've had MID8 at my mums place as I have no room where I'm living, mum has been great letting me keep it there as long as she has but I now have to get it out of there. Problem is I have no where to put it and to top it off I am unemployed, my IT work has just dried up.
I have 3 options,
Option 1
Store it somewhere for free or next to nothing - can't see that happening.
Option 2
I sell it as is, problem with this is it still needs the dash and wiring (dash wiring only, all the rest is done), diff remounted and a few other bits and pieces but to pay someone to do these bits would be expensive, making the van worthless, not to mention it isn't cert'd yet. Then again to get all the work that has been done on it so far would cost more than an arm and a leg. Is a catch 22.
Option 3
Strip the running gear out of it, maybe even the chassis and dump the body at the scrap metal place and build another one when we have a place big enough, ie in my dream 6 van garage.

I have about a month or so to sort it out so might try spend as much time as I can up there (winter isn't helping) and get as much as the big stuff done as I can and hopefully someone will offer me good money for it.
If you are interested in buying it (for good money), you can contact me via the mid8 facebook page or email from this sites mainpages contact page. Don't ask to come see it as I never know when I'll be up there and if I am I'll be working on it - without interruption.

 July 25th 2015
This is getting hard, only able to get up for a few days to a week a month. Was up for 4 days and did some more on the engine cover. This time of year though (winter), I guess it's to be expected trying to work around the weather and things.
I've also been thinking about the dash board, have 3 ideas floating around in my head, all with their pros and cons but find if I think about it to much it gets out of control and I just have to do it and go with whatever happens on the day - a bit like the rest of the van. Don't think about it, just do it.
I'm seriously thinking about changing the side door, instead of gullwing maybe suicide door. At this late stage I don't really want to do more work on it than it needs as I just want to get it finished. Weighing it up, it's like bang my head on it or risk the door blowing open and being dented on the rear flare.
I've had a few people ask me how I did the tilt forward bonnet, I should make a page on here on how I did it. I will when I get some time.
As you should know by now mid8 has it's own facebook page (probably gets updated less than this) and I've joined quite a few custom van groups. Is interesting to see the photos of mid8 used around the net for inspiration. In the last few years I've seen some people do a mid mounted CF, roof chops and even a rear end like this one. Also a few crazy comments about how nuts I am/was starting with such a rusted out van. I reckon it's great people are doing what they are doing. I don't see it as copying, I see it as taking an idea and putting a new twist on it. At the end of the day it's getting more custom vans out there, that's what we need to promote custom vanning - be different.

 June 29th 2015
A little bit more work done on the van. I've re mounted the front seats and done a bit more on the engine cover.
It was a few days of, bolt seats in, take seats out, engine cover in, seats in, seats out, engine cover out (bang head on side door), seats back in, engine cover back in ...
Why I ever thought a gull wing side door on a roof chopped van was a good idea, I have no idea. No matter how careful you are you always manage to bang your head a few times.
Probably wont be able to get anymore work done on the van until end of next month, am redecorating our kitchen and lounge at present and have the Rotorua swap meet in a couple of weeks. Hopefully can pick up the last few things I need.

 May 12th 2015
Got up for a week of work on the van.
Have been thinking about the second bonnet catch since my last visit and first thing I did was redesign it, is a lot less bulky and cleaner looking. Took a while to fine tune it but is all done except the opener linkage, need a tiny turn buckle, hopefully a RC shop can help me out.
Got all the front wiring finished (wires just go into the van for the moment), and started to draw up a wiring loom chart for it, got the bonnet hinge finished and a few other little bits finished.
I took my camera up so could get some photos, took one photo of the catch and batteries went flat - grr.
I also put the drivers seat back in, sat in it and made vroom vroom noises haha. I really put the seat in so can work out where to put the dash gauges. I still need overflow bottle and to bog the front up but then that's it for the outside and front, everything else is inside the van.
I can't quite get a battery under the front seat so might have to lift a seat a little, am also going to redo the brake pedal. Angle should be more like a car than a t-bucket.

 March 30th 2015
Was able to get up to work on the van for the last week, apart from the rain it was quite good.
I figured because winter is coming I should really get all the front of the van finished and work back. So I've been working on all the little finishing touches, things like bonnet adjusters, safety catch, bonnet cable etc.
I've been trying to find some XC Fairmont bulb holders for the grills indicators, hunted high and low but couldn't find any, I popped into pick a part trying to find a suitable screen washer bottle, over flow bottle and bonnet release cable and they had a falcon ute there. Not sure on the model as most of it was missing, but saw the tail light bulb holders and took a chance they'd fit, low and behold they did, perfect fit (was the indicator and tail light or reverse light holders - single).
Couldn't find a decent washer bottle so will stick to the later model CF one, still need to find an overflow bottle for the radiator.
I've had to add a second catch for the top of the bonnet, have done the mounting just need to make up a linkage of some sort to connect to the safety lever (they work opposite to each other and not inline)
Easter is next weekend, so is the van nationals. Hopefully the van nationals will give me that extra boost to get the van done sooner (without cutting corners). Until next time ..

 February 10th 2015
Has been a rough start of the year, father-n-law passed away but got up and got a bit done last weekend.
Is now fully plumbed - vacuum line (from booster), radiator hoses (after having to modify alternator bracket) etc, have a bit of a mission just trying to get a fan belt to fit as I've put the alternator bottom left but could only get a bracket to suit short water pump but because of the engine placement I am running a long water pump.
I even started to mock up the engine cover. Need to make up a wiring harness for the engine to include all the senders etc for the new gauges and eletronic speedo.
I was hoping to get back up this week but we've just brought a new bed and my back is killing me, plus got heaps to do down here.
I still have a few small parts I'm trying to source which are proving difficult, but I'll get there.

 December 1st 2014
I get a lot of emails asking how did I make this or that, where did I learn all this stuff etc. A while back I ran into a friend of mine who is a great panel beater/restorer who is now offering metal shaping courses. So if you're based in Auckland NZ (or can get to West Auckland) check out Mark's Metal Shaping Basics and Hand Forming Course at alpinepanelbeaters.co.nz. Now those who know me know I don't recommend things/places lightly. I haven't done the course myself but Mark is a true old school tradesmen and his work is second to none. Some of you have said you wish you could do half the stuff I do, I wish I could do half the stuff he does. So what are you waiting for, give him a call/email and get learning.
Remember at the end of the day you're only limited by your imagination.

 November 20th 2014
Managed to get up for few days, unfortunately it didn't start off to well. I was finishing off the brake and trans lines when I noticed a bit of underseal flaking, so I picked at it and off peeled a sheet. I'm not sure what part reacted like it did, it could of been a combination of the three - primer, sealer and underseal. Anyway I scrap and sanded it all off again, reprimed and undersealed it again. Fingers crossed it's still on next trip up.
Even though I have to sell it once it's finished I'm still working on it as if I'm keeping it. Example; When I did the mid mount engine, I designed it so engine came out the bottom (because I had access to a hoist at the time), But I got thinking, to come out the bottom the van has to be lifted high enough to clear the engine. I don't know if the van can go high enough as it's low, so am going to change it (just need to change the gearbox crossmember and floor) so engine comes out the top - through the side door.

 October 15th 2014
Got a few days work done on the van; got the front suspension stripped painted and nearly put back together. Got underneath all undersealed (well front half which I hadn't done, back was done years ago). Started to reroute the brake lines etc but the underseal was still soft so came home to let it fully harden. I wasted a day trying to find stuff, you know, the stuff you put somewhere safe. pfft.
Next trip wont be until next month as long weekend is at end of this month, but hopefully get all under the front finished and back on wheels. I've decided I need to get all the welding done as the mig bottle just sits there and I'm paying rental on it each month. Welding is engine cover, dash and maybe remount the diff - solid instead of rubber and also the diff stay arm mounts. I'm pretty sure thats all the welding that needs to be done. Body work is just go over the top of front guards and bonnet and thats all done. Then just all the little things. Sadly I remembered something else I gave away that I need, the seat belts.
This build has been going on way to long, I need to get it finished.

 September 14th 2014
I managed to get up for a few days, got the underneath all tidied up, etch primed and sealed. Next trip will be underseal and fit up. I have also got my gauges, highly recommend Speedhut gauges, not only good looking but their service and delivery times are awesome. Also got a lot of the smaller things that I was after. I got my alternator checked it and it was dead, minimum price here was $120 to fix it, so quick check on ebay and I have the parts (diode trio and regulator) coming for $22 landed. It's all coming together.

 August 25th 2014
Haven't had the best of luck of late, got over my cold last month only to get another with chest and throat infections. Oh well, what wont kill you can only make you stronger ...
I haven't been totally slack, I have found a set of gauges (in the states), just have to check my fuel sender is suitable and then can get them ordered. Also have got my stainless pipe for the new radiator hoses, just have to get the ends flanged and once back at the van measure up the rubber hose lengths needed. Am also hunting down alt brackets, return springs, dip sticks and little bits and pieces. So although am not acutally working on the van it is still heading forward.
I wish I could work on the van full time so these updates would be weekly if not daily punched fill of updates and pictures - oh well life is what it is.

 August 3rd 2014
I managed to get up to the van for a few days. Did a bit more on the bonnet and the bonnet stops, just all the little horrible stuff. Before I left I jacked up the front already to drop the front suspension out. I need to throw some paint at it and mount all the brake lines etc properly, mount the alternator, make up some proper cooling pipes, basically everything under the front ready for the cert. It's getting close and the van is a good looker, but I have to say that ;)

 July 15th 2014
Next few weeks come and I get knocked over with a cold. Guess I'll just have to wait a little longer.

 June 29th 2014
Has been to wet and cold to go do any work on the van, hopefully in the next few weeks I should be able to get up there and get some done.

 May 15th 2014
Was up again last weekend and was able to get more done on the bonnet. I now have a forward opening bonnet. Hinges and plates all made up and working. I now have to add a second catch for the back of the bonnet and fine tune those, as well as some guides to keep it square.
Hopefully next trip will see the bonnet finished, including all the latchs, catches, guides and bits and then hope to jack up the front, drop the front suspension so can seal and underseal under the front (back 2/3 already done). I still need to get a few bits, like overflow bottle and washer bottle (and mount them somewhere), but hopefully can get the front all back together with wiring (already wired just needs putting back in) so all that will need doing is inside; dash, engine cover, alternator, cables ... yeha.

 April 15th 2014
Just got back from a week working on the van. Luckily the forecasted bad weather never happened and was able to get a bit done.
Haven't posted any photos for a while so here are a couple of the bonnet.
opened bonnet Opened and closed closed bonnet
As you can see the bonnet tilts forward and I've had to make cut outs for the wipers. I've kept the original CF Bedford bonnet catch (modified of course) and will work on cable release. When I was testing the catch I forgot to put on a cable, it closed first time but oh what a mission to get it open again.
I'm hoping to get back up to the van in a few weeks time, and hope to finish off the hinges and catch. Then put all the front (booster, radiator, steering column etc) back in so can drive it again. Still have a little bit of work to do on the bonnet and front guards but that is the last of the body work needed, the rest is dash, engine cover and a few bits - It's getting close.

 February 10th 2014
I was up in Auckland end of last month but didn't get enough done to warrent an update.
I had to sell off a lot of CF Bedford parts I had collected and the people picking up the parts saw 'mid 8' and all said "wow" but would you believe they have never seen this website :gob smacked: lol. I mentioned to everyone it was to be sold once road legal - probably unpainted, and all reckoned it would be worth what ever price I put on it. One guy even said "Even if you got 20k for it now your labour would be about 50c an hour". But we build these things because we have a passion for them, not for the money side of it.
I mentioned the 20k thing to a few folks and all agreed I should get that as it sits, or road legal. At the end of the day it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it but what do you think it's worth? Pop over to the mid 8 facebook page and let me know. Thanks.
I should be back up to do some more work on the van within the next month, hopefully I can get that front finished.

 January 20th 2014
My white CF Bedford (beddydore) is now up for sale.
Van has been sold.

 December 2nd 2013
Was only up for a few days this trip, so wasn't able to get a lot done. I managed to start welding up the bonnet (is going to be a very slow job).
Am hoping to come up over the Xmas break and get some more done, fingers crossed there will be another update before 2014.
If not, Merry Vanning Xmas to all, and a Happy Vanning Year.

 November 5th 2013
I've updated the The old engine bay, probably will again later on, but thats it for this trip. Am back down the line tomorrow for a few weeks. Probably just as well if todays weather is anything to go by, is cold and wet and meant to be like this for a few days. Anyways, until next time. Hopefully next update will be a big bonnet finished one.

 October 30th 2013
Been working hard on the van (for a change), got the front stripped down (steering, heater, booster, wipers ...), all ground down, sanded, hammered and primered tonight. Need a little bit of filler here and there but am just going to concentrate on the tunnel and chassis rails for the moment so can continue doing the new headlight and radiator mounts so can finish off the bonnet catch and stuff. If I weld in the new supports now it would make it real hard to get into the tunnel to finish it off. I'll finish it in normal primer but should really start thinking of a colour to paint it.
You're probably saying, where's the photos? I did take some, but wont put them on here but rather will redo the The old engine bay page and will post here and on facebook once it's done.
I've got one more week to get some things finished on it before I'm away again for a few weeks. Hopefully I can get the bonnet working properly. I still have to weld up the back edge of the bonnet which will take a while but thats next time.

 October 21st 2013
I don't get to spend much time with the van as I used to, I'm now living in a different city to where the van is and come up once a month or so, when I can to work on it. Currently I'm cat sitting for my parents so have 3 weeks to work on the van - yay.
I spent today out in the garage working on the van. Hardest part is getting back into it, from where I left off last time. I'm working on the bonnet (flip forwards), I have done the hinge arms (the easy part) and now have to work out the stops, stays and catch. As well as doing this I'm also remounting the headlights, grill and radiator - had to move the radiator to mount the electric fans.
I know the bonnet is going to work my brain to the limit but hopefully it will all come together and I can get all the front and firewall smoothed up and primered, leaving just the dash and exterior visor (which I'm not sure about yet) to do.
I want to take it for another drive but have to be strong and get the body work finished first, can play with it after it's complete.

 August 30th 2013
Am under the weather again, back in June when I had pneumonia the antibiotics left a few side effects so last month I was put on some more to clear things up but low and behold I found out the hard way I'm allergic to penicillin - put me in hospital - was nasty. So I get over that and back on antibiotics to fix the original problem which cleared it up for only a few days but now have the mother of all flus. Have had it for a week and my energy levels are still declining.
Sucks big time, all I want to do is work on the van, the weather is good, I have the wiring plugs and stuff just waiting there for me, but sadly I'm stuck on the couch looking at the roof.
I figured I'd let you know why no updates are being done.

 July 2nd 2013
What a buzz
Today, after all this time I finally got to drive the van. Sure it was only up the drive and back but it drove under it's own power, and sounded awesome.
I didn't get to etch prime the windscreen areas because I had a few problems getting the van out. First the starter solenoid burnt out so had to rebuild that from a spare that I had, then the battery decided it wasn't going to turn the V8 over so had to take the one out of the car ...
Enough of the talking, lets see some photos ...

The cat decided he wanted to be in the photos then decided to crawl under the van. The back mag looks different to the front but it isn't, well is a lot wider - 15x10 vs 14x8, it's just deceiving because the slots and centre ring aren't painted black like the front ones and centre cap isn't on.
I also included a photo of the roof detail, sorry I didn't dust it off first.
I'm going to add another page to the build pages on how I did the windscreen, what you see in the photo is the standard CF screen sitting in the hole without the rubber, is the original angle just sunken top and bottom. There are a few things you can't see, such as the modifications to the bonnet for the wipers etc but they should be included in the next big update after I get them finished.

 June 29th 2013
Am all well again, well as well as I was before ;)
Got out in the garage today, didn't get the roof finished but it is well on it's way. Hopefully weather stays fine tomorrow so can get more done if not finish it off. Welding the roof section is a very slow horrible job, go to fast and you risk warping the roof, so slow and steady is the way to go.
I'm back down the line again end of next week but hopefully can drive it out of the garage to etch prime the roof and firewall, and to get that photo I promised. It's so close.
If you want to know more look me up on facebook or B.U.G.A

 June 12th 2013
Well sadly nothing has gone to plan, I ended up getting pneumonia pretty bad and after IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics I am finally starting to come right, but still have to get over the side effects from the pills - oh the joys of it all.
Anyways, as I'm not home to work on the van or post about it (not that I have done anymore on it), while bed ridden I set up a facebook page for the van, if you have a question, a comment or want to donate lots of money to the cause ;) you can find it at facebook (mid8 or mid8bedford). I look forward to seeing you there.
The facebook page isn't to replace this, it's just a way to get some feedback - good or bad.

 May 7th 2013
Got out in the garage again today, was able to finish the inside corners, they were a mission and a half with a 2 way curve but slow and steady got the desired result.
I still need to weld in the reinforcing (inner) panel before I weld the lid back on. I probably don't need it but will feel better if it's there (original CF had it)
Hopefully next update will be with a photo of the van in the driveway or on the street with all 4 wheels on the ground (not on a trailer)

 April 21st 2013
Got a chance to get out into the garage yesterday and today, between the rain downpours (sucks having a small garage).
Didn't get a lot done but am that little bit closer to getting the windscreen/roof finished. Because I've sunk the screen into the roof a bit I'm having to remake that panel that goes (on the inside) above the screen, sounds simple but there isn't a lot of room.
It probably would be strong enough to weld up as is but I feel its needs some more strength in there as I can't run the standard channel it has.
A mate said "just weld it up, you'll be selling it anyways ...". I don't care if I am going to sell it, I'm working on having the chance to maybe buy it back sometime in the future, may never happen, will probably just build another but would like to have that thought in my mind so I don't take short cuts.
I have to get this top of the screen done, am wanting to drive it, this is all thats stopping me (don't want it twisting without that roof support), so get this done then take it for a drive up and down the road or around the block, then get the bonnet and dash done so can get it cert'd and road legal.

 March 16th 2013
Am trying to decide if I like this new layout or not, am trying to keep it netural looking as I don't know what colour to paint the van yet.
The little van to the left (on the navigation) shows you what page your on - kinda childish but it is a van and is a van site :rolleyes:.
Like I said am not sure if I like it or not so if it changes don't be surprised.
Oh and not all the pages have been changed over yet, so if you see one with the old layout, don't worry ...

 March 6th 2013
Got to do some work on the custom van, not much because my compressor decided it doesn't want to play with others. It still works but the cut off switch is leaking air so wont build up max pressure, can still use it, just takes longer.
This heat we've been having doesn't help much but if it's not the heat it's the cold so shouldn't really complain.
I really want to get this custom Bedford van finished as I have a lot going on at the moment, just need a solid run.

 February 24th 2013
Where has this year gone.
No updates on the custom van yet, currently getting the white van ready for sale (when it's not so hot) and have been working on my model vans.
Not sure if anyone noticed but last update I said see you in 2014, slight typo there, should of been 2013 (typo now fixed), but the way this year is going it will be 2014 before we know it.
This year I have no choice, I have to try and make time to finish the van off so can sell and move on.
Only 3 main bits to do, top of screen, dash and bonnet but none of them are just weld a patch and and it's done, all need the right angle of the dangle and is hard when you can't work on it solidly to sort it out, I'll get there.
I've received a few emails and seen on the BUGA web forum that there are lots of projects out there, so people, don't take my lead, get off your butts and get them on the road, we need to keep vanning alive and who knows, maybe even get the younger generation into custom vans, then again would you want your daughter dating someone with a van lol

 December 20th 2012
Between the rain and the sunburn I've been getting some work done on the van.
The steering, firewall, wipers and heater (and heater ducts) are all done. For the wipers I ended up changing the firewall again - sigh.
Dash is mocked up but am trying to decide upon a glovebox or just a top shelf thing. It's not an everyday car so wont really need a place to store things.
Have also started trying to work out the bonnet hinges, am either flipping the bonnet forward and sideways. The front guards aren't really strong enough to go sideways but thats even more reason to make it work - muhahaha.
Have also looked at the roof (front section onto new lowered screen), am not sure how I want to do it, either recess a visor into the roof section or not have a visor or even have a bolt on look visor, if I have one it would be removeable.
So yeah, I have been working on it and should really put up some new photos. I probably wont be able to do much more on it this year (only 11 days left of it) so I guess see you next year - that's if the world doesn't end tomorrow 21/12/2012. Am sure I read somewhere it was meant to end on the 12/12/2012, I guess I missed it.
Until 2013, keep on vannin :)
Oh and if I get some time over the xmas holiday I might change the website layout slightly, add some more content and pictures.

 November 28th 2012
Have been working on the van when I can. Have finished welding in the bottom and sides of the windscreen frame, as well as doing a few guard channels for the lowered corners.
I did make one small mistake, I allowed room for the wiper spindles but forgot about the actual motor, so now the motor wont fit within the new firewall. No worries, just redesign the wipers.
Have the steering mocked up again (had to redo it because of lowered screen), am also looking at the heater (also being redone). So once all these bits are done it's just the top of the screen and bonnet to do, oh and the actual dash.
Am also thinking about putting outside door handles back in the front doors, the number of times I've had to open the front doors, having to reach inside each time is becoming a real pain. If I do it, it will be done last - have to find some suitable handles first anyways.

 September 26th 2012
Finally got out to the garage today for a couple of hours before the rain came.
I think I am just about ready to weld the screen frame back in, I have to trim the new fire wall again as I sunk the screen a little lower to help keep the frame widths similar to standard. cutting the fire wall again means moving the booster down a bit to allow for the wipers - nothing is ever simple.
I'm hoping to get this done soon but am also building a new office and sorting out for the big move (no date for move yet, will happen after this custom CF Bedford van and Standard CF Bedford van are sold).

 July 17th 2012
Am on some meds at the moment that aren't allowing me to concentrate to well so the work on the van has stopped for a while :(

 July 1st 2012
I got some work done on the firewall (between all the heavy rain we've been having), ran out of primer so used copper spray (used to coat panels that are to be welded together). Still have a bit more hammer work to do on it but is working out well to get the screen back in soon.

The shape on the right is the original CF Bedford shape, the reason the other side isn't the same is the booster is actually larger diameter than the shape. I will add the tail at the edge of the booster hole but once everything is back in there you wont really see a lot of it.
Not sure if you noticed or not, but I have removed the air conditioning, figured a simple heater to demist the screen should be enough.
Next to do is the bonnet, dash, re mount the steering column and a few more little bits and pieces, then diff, engine cover and it's just about all done - yay.

 June 14th 2012
Murphy's Law. Nothing ever goes to plan. The plan was to get the van done ASAP but everyone seems to be wanting me to do work for them so while my van just sits there, their stuff gets ahead. I guess I could learn to say no, but no doesn't put food on the table

 April 21th 2012
Big news, I got engaged, yay me.
Sadly this means I can not keep the van. I'll finish it then sell it. So hopefully the updates should be more often with more photos etc.
Before you email asking how much etc, I have no idea. You've seen the work gone into it. Will probably just pick a number and list it on NZ auction site, unless there is over seas interest in it then maybe list it on ebay.
My white (standard) CF Bedford will also be up for sale in the near future, as well as a CF trailer project I have on the side that no one knows about ;)

 April 7th 2012
Have been doing little bits and pieces, mostly working on the firewall/screen section
I really need to find more time to work on the van, daylight savings has ended so makes the days shorter.
I didn't make it down to the van nationals this year, nothing seems to go to plan. Hopefully all the guys and gals have a great time at the nationals.

 February 15th 2012
Have been under the weather of late, and are taking a couple more weeks off to fully recover.

 January 13th 2012
Yep and it's friday.
Well sadly it doesn't look like I'll have the van finished by next weekend for the Hot Rod show, have been running into a few problems and the weather isn't helping.

This is the van as it is today (friday the 13th). The screen looks pretty big in there but once I make up a top visor (semi moulded) it should look small again.
If it looks funny (the bottom bit) I might extend the end of the bonnet to include covers for the side, not sure how as I need to get the van out and have a look at it.
If this van isn't done for the hot rod show I'll probably take my standard bedford.

 January 1st 2012
This weather is really stupid, it rains then the sun comes out, clouds go away, then it rains, then sun comes out ... all day. I did manage to get some work done though, transmission is back in and done a bit more on the firewall.
It's all the little bits that take the time, but only a few more and I should be able to start putting the windscreen frame back in.

 December 31st 2011
Well, another year gone.
Have made a little bit of progress of late but the bloody rain keeps falling, and this is meant to be summer.
The firwall is just about back in, the new heater is just about mounted, including the new (steel) ducting for the demister. Once I finish all those bits I can start remounting the windscreen frame.
The Kumeu hot rod show is on the 21/22nd of Jan, so I still have a couple of weeks but is going to be very tight if I can get it done - I also have other things I need to do in life as well. Fingers crossed.
I hope everyone has a great new year and may all your vanning dreams come true.

 December 12th 2011
I managed to find a heater/air con combo from a toyota supra, is fairly slim but am going to modify the firewall to gain some leg room.

Also I have changed the place I get my panel steel from (and folded, for the big jobs). The place is VCM (Vehicle Construction & Maintenance Ltd). I don't usually advertise businesses as I have the links page for that, but with two weeks till Xmas I needed a bit of 18 gauge panel steel, and it folded (8 folds), the crowd I used to go to didn't want to know me, VCM however said "no problem" and did it while I waited. To me this is worth sharing, I doubt they would drop everything every time but they did and I am really thankfull. I asked the manager, Andrew Price (Blue) if it was ok to list their company on this site so us small time car/van/truck nuts can buy or get folded some panel steel and he said they were more than happy to help, even for the one off item. No job to big or to small. I don't get anything for this plug, didn't even get a discount but this is the second time I've used this company and plan to more.

 December 3rd 2011
Good news I sorted out a way to use the original screen.
Bad news is it's a major.
I was hoping to just raise the screen opening into the roof (without changing the screen angle) but nothing is ever straight forward. I've also had to sink the screen into the firewall 35mm (just under a inch and a half) which has caused all sorts of problems, first I have had to move the wipers, luckly it clears the brake booster but it doesn't clear the heater. So I've decided to lower the tunnel and fit another heater/air con combo. Is more work but kill two birds with one stone.

 November 1st 2011
Bad news: The sinking of the windscreen on the mock front didn't go as well as hoped.
Good news: I think I have come up with another method to do the windscreen. At the moment I'll keep it at that but hopefuly if all works to plan I'll be posting (with pictures) what I actually did. Until then ..

 October 11th 2011
I finally got off my butt and did some work on the van, kinda.
I pulled the transmission out and gave it to the trans guy, seems it may of been sitting to long and snapped the pump shaft - bummer.
I also cut the front off another van - yeah I know I'm going to hell for cutting up a CF Bedford Van (that just quietly was wasn't to bad of condition). The plan now is to unstitch the guards and dummy it all up on this new front (I cut the guards off with the screen) and see if I can get the screen and guards close to one another or maybe make up a filler panel.
I'll had a couple of emails saying don't use the original screen, it will ruin it ... Sadly I don't have much choice but am going to try and hide the fact it has full screen as best as I can.
I'm going to cut the screen hole I have now in one piece so if all fails can always put it back in and sell a kidney or something and get a chopped screen.
I've also had an email saying why don't I just cut my old screen down, well, in New Zealand here our vans came out with toughened screens which you can't cut, to find an old laminated screen here would have similar odds of winning lotto, a new one is about $250-300 plus GST (which is 15%).

 September 10th 2011
Sadly still no progress, but have been thinking about what I am going to do.
Because the windscreen is going to be so expensive I think the best way around it is to sink the original screen into the firewall. It's not the prettiest option but when you have no money you have to take what's on offer.
I have a Cf Bedford body shell I can cut the winscreen frame from but the body is a pretty good one (has usual Bedford rust) and am in two minds whether to make it into a trailer/camper, or put it back on the road as a van or cut it up. The biggest problem (apart from no money) is no place to put all these vans.
Would love to have a massive garage and get a Bedford van and cut the sides off and put them on the garage walls (inside of course).
Have found out next years Van Nationals are going to be hosted in Rotorua, would be nice to drive the van down there - legally.

 July 28th 2011
Sadly no progress updates yet.

 June 6th 2011
Haven't been able to do much on the van of late, been busy catching up on everything I put aside so could get van done for the van nationals.
One thing I was able to do was check out the transmission, seems the pump isn't working so am going to have to pull the trans out.
I just want to drive it out so can get some decent photos and clean out the garage so can get into the final stages.

 April 27th 2011
a sneak peek of the custom CF bedford van
a sneak peek of the custom CF bedford van
As promised some better photos.
Sadly they are of the van on the trailer not at the van nationals van show.
We towed the custom Bedford van down to Tapu (20mins north of Thames) on the Thursday, The standard CF Bedford towed it ok for the first half but the second half we had a few problems, the left rear brake decided to bind causing the brake to over heat and also the trans over heated causing it to loose over drive. It's the commodore V6 trans with locked convertor so isn't as tough as needed. Have been told since they are not good transmissions to tow with.
We had to come back before the show due to an illness in the family, so limped back making a few stops along the way.
It would of been awesome to put the van in the show amongest the other great vans but oh well, next time.

The feedback we had on the van was great, whether it be from the other vanners, to the people over taking us to the people at the many rest stops.

Oh and the trouble wasn't just with the standard CF, The custom van also wasn't playing ball. Went to drive it onto the trailer but the transmission wouldn't work, so had to winch it. Was a tight fit with only 10mm on each side but was strapped down well and didn't move.

The plan now for the custom van is to get it all legal (engineers cert etc) before I go any further, the paint job and interior can wait for a bit, mind you am still unsure what colour to paint it.

If your wondering about the back wheels on the custom van, they are just skinny ones because the mag wheels were to wide for the trailer.

There are also a couple more photos on page 23

Might call it "problem child"

 April 20th 2011
Stop the clock, tools down
Well time is up, tomorrow we head down to the NZ Custom Van Nationals in Thames (Tapu).
This last month has gone really fast, so has the year todate. I got most of it finished.

I had to trim the front of the rear flares to get it to fit on the trailer, I still have to sit the van on bits of 6x2 (wood) to allow suspension travel but is tight, I have about 10mm on each side.
I managed to get the perspex, was a bit more than I wanted to spend but can always use it for the screen template afterwards. I have kept the protective paper coating on it until I get down there to keep the road grime and stuff off it.

The photo I have included is a sneak peek of the van, I'll take some photos while down at the van nationals and post them when I get back.

a sneak peek of the custom CF bedford van
The van is running but I've had alsorts of problems, I was going to use the tunnel ram for the show but the HEI dizzy wont fit, so used the edelbrock manifold and the water neck covers up the heater inlet, then the battery decided to die (wont keep a charge) ...

I've just seen the weather forecast for the Easter weekend, Thursday fine, Saturday showers, Sunday (show day) rain, Monday showers. Crap crap crap, I don't have the door rubbers, and with no rain gutters the vans going to get very wet inside. I have a tarp I can cover it up with and I think the show is under cover - fingers crossed.

 March 16th 2011
Well my plan to do the body in Jan and Feb, and fit up in March hasn't really gone to plan. Have only just finished doing the body, but did (very) quickly skim the doors and bonnet.
Biggest problem I have now is a trailer to get it to the van nationals. A 2m trailer isn't wide enough for the back flares (they are 2.02 wide), I still have a couple of options so hopefully everything will come together.
I might even be able to make up a perspex windscreen, I have been put on to a place that does perspex stuff and if it's not to expensive will get some.
Plan now is to put it all back together, tighten all the suspension and wire up an ignition, so hopefully next update I'll be able to put up some pictures of the custom Bedford van.

 February 22nd 2011
February is coming to an end very fast, currently I have 2/3 of the body done, but wont have time to do any of the insides, the doors or bonnet for the van nationals at Easter.
The bonnet will work manually for the nationals but the motors wont be attached - the bonnet opens forward. The door skins will be primered and maybe the inside of the doors but they wont be finished or near show condition. Hopefully no one will notice and be to busy looking at the engine.
Reading back over the updates it looks like I keep saying I'm going to take it to the hot rod show or van nationals but never do, well this year I will be at the van nationals, unlike other years, I have actually paid the fees for them so have committed myself. The only thing that could let me down is the trailer. I have one lined up but you never know what could happen, so I have a plan B and plan C, well plan C is to buy one, use it and then sell it again - hopefully it wont come to that.
I wont have the windscreen but if it rains I have a cover, I wont have the van painted nor the interior done but it's unfinished ... The van should be driveable if it's not or there is a problem I have the trailer and hopefully a winch on it lol

 February 3rd 2011
Another year down, but this year is looking promising.
The goal at the moment is to get the van in primer and running (turn key or switch) and take it down to the van nationals at Thames at Easter (end of April).
The plan is to go hard on the body Jan and Feb, March is for mechanical and fitting it all back together, April is finish some bits on the standard CF Bedford van (repaint the front floor, bases, engine cover and a bit more wiring ...).
Because I can't drive both vans down the custom CF will be trailered down but driven on and off the trailer - no where else in case any cops are interested ;)
I've added some photos as promised but I forgot to take some of the drivers side before I moved the van over and the roof is to hard to get a photo of as I only have a small garage.
custom CF van in etch primer
Drivers side
custom CF van in etch primer
Passenger side
custom CF van in etch primer

I've finished from the drivers door back, the drivers side roof and the back of the van. Am currently working on the passenger side roof and left rear panel. The doors, roof spoiler and bonnet will be done last if I have enough time.

 December 22nd 2010
I finally got some time to work on the custom van, and boy did it feel good.
The standard CF Bedford has been cert'd and am looking forward to taking it to Kumeu again, sadly custom van wont be done but am hoping to take both vans down to Thames for the van nationals.
Oh and ended up putting the VN commodore brake booster in the standard CF.
Next update next year (2011) and I'll add some more photos.
Have a good one.

 October 12th 2010
Well I got knocked down by the flu again, bloody thing. Am just about over it.
The standard van is just about ready for a drive, run it up the other day and it purrs like a kitten, was a little bit worried as I'm only running 2 cobies for an exhaust, but sounds good.
Just a little bit of fine tuning to do, fix temp gauge, horn, wire in cab lights, make engine cover and dash cover (I used the commodore dash).
I have HQ discs on the front but have kept the standard CF brake booster, will see how it goes, if no good will probably fit a commodore booster in it even though am only running discs on the front.
I really want to get back into the custom van but even with daylight savings there is not enough hours in the day. Anyone want to pay me to work on my van :D

 September 17th 2010
Am still working on the standard CF Bedford, although the engine transplant is done there are just a few more little things to, and these are what takes all the time.
My garage has shrunken it seems, the custom van sits and waits for some more work to be done on it. I was hoping to take it for a short drive up the driveway this weekend but the battery being flat must of been a sign and the weather doesn't know what it's doing.
I'm waiting for a few parts for the standard van so might start back on the custom CF next week if I can get some time, I'm really eager to get it finished.

I'd just like to remind all you Bedford fans out there about buga.com.au, a great website with lots of Kiwis and Ozzies with a wealth of knowledge of Bedfords, don't be shy, tell them Busykiwi sent you :).

 July 25th 2010
As you can see there is a big gap in updates, two reasons really, firstly I've been knocked down with the flu (second time this year) and secondly I'm still doing the standard CF.
The standard CF Bedford is nearly done, I've mounted the engine and transmission, the diff is just about finished (put the commodore centre in the bedford diff), have put the commodore gas tank in the bedford (needed electric fuel pump and return line so was just as easy to swap).
As this year is going faster than last I still hope to get the custom CF done by Easter.
I'm also selling my motorbike so will have more room in the garage and more time to work on the vans.

 May 31st 2010
I've only been doing bits of body work over the last month or so, been a bit slack on it really.
I'm going to put this van on hold for a month or two so I can repower my standard CF Bedford van, is currently running 3.3 holden (straight six), am going to replace it with a 3.8 V6 out of a VN Commodore. This should give me way better fuel and driving efficiently.

 April 2nd 2010
Someone asked me why it's taken 5 years to build this van, I replied time I guess. Thinking about it later I guess the real reason is because I never had a plan, well I did, it was just to give it a roof chop and put a V8 in it, then it evolved into what it is today. I've just given my mind free running and I just go with it. If I had planned it like this I probably would of done things differently and would of taken way less time but doing it this way is kind of good as you don't really know whats going to happen next.
My advice to anyone out there building a custom van or hot rod, take your time, let it evolve, we are only restricted by our imaginations and the engineers doing the cert lol.

 March 23rd 2010
My leg has healed up but I still haven't had a chance to do any work on the van.
I've added a couple of new pics to page 23, they aren't the greatest but is a change.
March the 15th (give or take a day) marked the 5th year I've been building this van. I'm not going to make it six. Even though this year is going so fast again I'm going to go for gold.

 February 25th 2010
I haven't been able to do any work on the van since the Hot Rod Show, have been laid up with an infected leg from what nobody knows.
The plan this month is to finish off the body, including the changing of the back and side doors (hinging instead of lifting). Once the van is in primer (2 pot epoxy) I'm going to work on the running gear and dash bits and get it ready for certification. I still have to get a windscreen done but hopefully it will all come together and be road worthy A.S.A.P

 January 15th 2010
The forecast for tomorrow (Saturday) is for showers, I still don't have the windscreen so don't really want to take the risk of the weather folks being right.
Looks like I'll have to wait another year for the Kumeu hot rod show - what a piss off, oh well I'll still take the standard CF Bedford van up.
If anyone is going to the hot rod show, stop by the vans, or better yet bring your own, the van club will have a spot by the arena.

 January 5th 2010
Here are the latest pictures of my Custom CF Bedford Van.

custom CF van back to bare metal ready for etch primer custom CF van back to bare metal ready for etch primer
Has been stripped down to bare metal again and is ready for etch primer. The bits of wood under the van is so the drive way doesn't get painted.
It will still need a little bit of filler around the recessed welds, like the side windows, flares, spoiler, roof edge ... I have hammer and filed a lot of it.
After the kumeu hot rod show I plan to do a few things to it, change a few bits I'm not happy with, which in turn will tie in with a theme I had an idea of.

 December 31st 2009
Finally Christmas is over (yeah I'm scrooge).

custom CF van next to standard CF bedford van
Going from a workshop to a small single garage has been hard, can't even open the side door (it lifts up - gullwing)

I have been (and will be for a while), stripping off all the EA12, straightening the panels (amazing how it can gather dents from just sitting) and aligning all the doors etc, then spray etch, a little filler here and there, then primer. After that it's just wire up the engine a bit better (add an ignition), track down the glass guy, tightened a few bolts and should be all done for the Hot Rod Show - yay
This picture is of my two Bedford vans, The custom and the standard CF.

 December 22nd 2009
Am on track for Kumeu, started it up for the first time last friday and today ran it for a bit. Have a few little things to fix - oil leak, trans leak and radiator (brand new) leak, oh and a brake fluid leak. Tomorrow I will have to tow it home instead of drive it because of the radiator but should have all the other leaks sorted. The engine sounds nice, and rocks the van well. I can't wait till I get it out for a drive.
Another update and photos soon.

 December 2nd 2009
This year has gone real fast.
Have been busy last few weeks, engine and trans is out, all underneath is preped up, just changing the exhaust mounts then will seal up and paint underneath. It wont be show room condition, mainly cause it's to hard to keep clean and polished. I intend to drive this van.
I have 3 weeks before Xmas so plan is to finish underneath and motor this week and next and the last two weeks for the dash and the bonnet.
The van wont be 100% finished but even without a dash I should still be able to get it to the hot rod show.

 November 13th (black friday) 2009
I must apologise, I did update this a couple of weeks ago but seems I didn't upload it, sorry.
Still no windscreen but is in the "being sorted" box. Last couple of weeks I've been adding door mirrors and wiring the doors and dash bits up (just the door bits in the dash). The dash itself I have had to step away from it, it just isn't flowing (idea wise) and I know if I force myself to think about it then I probably wont like it when it's finished and will need to be redone.
Basically from the front doors back is finished ready for some body work and primer, a couple of things like engine wiring and brake line clips but I hope to get all that done in the next couple of weeks.

 October 31st 2009
Yesterday I finally finished the windscreen template so phoned up the glass place ... is going to cost four grand to get this screen made. I'm going to find another way, call me cheap but I can't see four grand and one little stone smash it away.
I've been working on the windscreen mostly since last update, tried wood - still flexed so ended up making a steel one 25x3mm flat doubled up around the edges to make the 6mm of the bedford screen.

 October 4th 2009
Wow, I can't believe it's October already, what happened to September?
The front flares are done, the heaters windscreen vents is done (except the side window bits - need mirrors). Am having trouble getting the information I need on the gauges so the dash is on hold I guess you could say, I still need to wire up the dash section (steering column, heater etc) and front bit (headlights, air con etc).
I'm also working on the windscreen template so can get that made, biggest problem is the curves of the screen and getting the template to hold the shape.

 September 16th 2009
Has been quite a productive couple of weeks, am only working on small parts like the pedals (using toyota hiace gas and windym brake pedals) but getting them mounted and usable is that little bit closer to being finished.
I'm also looking at the dash but am unsure what gauges to use, also have made the windscreen heater vents which was interesting as am using the Rav4 heater and air con.
The front flares are tacked on and just need to be fully welded then really the only outside bits are the mirrors, indicators in the front guards (or maybe in mirrors) and a bit more bonnet work but that's inside.
I have to decide whether to use a single 4 barrel holley carb or use twin 4 barrel tunnel ram (looks awesome but could be real noisey)
I've updated the photos on the engine page

 August 28th 2009
I've got a few things done, mainly those mentioned in the last update; the rear flares, the rear wiring, the engine section and floors (except for diff head inspection cover) and stuff.
Just when your on a roll bloody murphy comes knocking (murphys law), I've been knocked out with the flu for 3 weeks now, am on anti botics but still have ear ache and no energy not to mention the other flu symptoms. I guess I just need to find a concrete pill so can harden up and get on with it.
I hope to put up some new photos soon and update some sections.

 July 5th 2009
I have a few things on the go at the moment, mainly because I am being held up on a few things. The things are the flares, the wiring, the engine section (floor, exhaust, mtr ...), air con and bonnet. Once all thats done I think it's just the dash board to go.
I'm going to work on getting the van to the Kumeu Rod show (middle of Jan 2010), even if I have to trailer it there that's my mission. It wont be painted but hopefully cert'd and useable.
I'm actually starting to get a little excited, all this time and it's so close. I just wish my money tree would grow.

 June 24th 2009
I got some time to work on the van so thought since I have the headers now I could finish the inside engine section (exhausts, floor ...).
I went to put the torque converter in the trans and found the oil pump had been broken. This transmission (turbo 350) was meant to of been recently reco'd when I brought it a couple of years ago. So thats off being rebuilt and the engine section on hold until I get it back.
So I started to finish off the flares, have tack welded both front and back on the passenger side and have the flares ready to go on the other side once I can get the van out.
The van is really starting to come together, everything is just about done (except dash, engine box and interior) and can see it being in primer in the not near future. I'll drive it home to do that.

 May 19th 2009
The brake booster has been changed, now using a Toyota Vista, had to remount into the fire wall as it is only a 9.5 inch (I think).
Have been working on the bonnet also, as mentioned I wanted to go straight up, then sideways but because I've extended the bonnet it wouldn't work so now have the bonnet open forward - slides out then pivots. I'll do a page on it soon.
In the next few weeks I'm hoping to get all the front stuff done, air con (piped and complete), radiator overflow bottle, radiator pipes and hoses, wipers ... I've already done some of the stuff but need to either redo it, change it or do something else. Then either finish the body with the flares or start the dash and inside parts.
It's really not that far away (famous last words), it's mostly small things that need doing, lots of them.

 April 17th 2009
I finally got the steering knuckles last week but have had a bit of a mission making it all fit. I wanted to use the CF Bedford steering column but with it all bolted up it was just to long as the steering angle is now of a car than a van. I've ended up using a Toyota steering column from Endless spares, who also supplied me with the others bits needed to make it all work.
I had already mounted the HQ booster - recessed into the firewall but now I have changed the steering column I have to move the booster over as the pedal bracket is in line with the column.
Next mission is the bonnet, I originally wanted it to go straight up on rams but for the cert I'd have to have a safety chain on it which would screw up the operating of it.
Sadly I didn't make it to the NZ van nationals, but it looks like I missed a great show. There are photos of the NZ van nats and OZ van nats on the BUGA website.

 March 23th 2009
Today my new headers (3rd set) arrived, am still waiting for the steering knuckles but is all coming together slowly.
custom CF van near to finished

Once I get the steering knuckles I'll be able to tow it home so can finish it off. I was going to attempt to drive it home but I plan on stripping the engine down so would be a waste of gaskets.
I'd like to get it finished in primer and take it down to the van nationals in Lower Hutt over Easter but could be pushing it and my track record with this van will be more than likely next year. I might ride down to the nats this year.

 March 13th (black friday) 2009
I went and did some work on the custom van, nothing major but now am waiting on my steering knuckles so can move it.
The standard van needs a fuel tank sender unit (mk 2), I could drive it (have been driving it) without a fuel gauge but no one likes to run out of petrol.
Summer is over and winter is fast approaching so am not to worried about the standard van as I enjoy riding my motorbike around, just a beep to carry things on.
I've sold a few CF Bedford parts on the main NZ auction site and a few of you have made the connection between my user name and my webpage. I always get asked about new updates which is funny (to me - guess you had to be there moment). Some of you know, some don't but as NZ doesn't have a Bedford website as such a few Kiwi's use the Australian one - BUGA (Bedford user group of Australia). Great bunch, very helpful lot and a gallery to show we all like our beddies. Come check us out at www.buga.com.au. My username there is Busykiwi (that's not my username on the auction site).

 Feburary 20th 2009
Well is nearly the end of Feburary already and I haven't done anything on the custom Bedford van this year.

standard CF van finished standard CF van finished
The standard van is more or less finished, had a bit of problem with the brakes and things but got it all sorted.
I hope to be bringing the custom Bedford home in the next few weeks so can finish off the last bits of the body and get it ready for paint. I'm hoping to tow it back with the standard CF so can get some photos together.

 December 16th 2008
I was hoping to have the van (both vans - standard trailering up the custom) up at the Kumeu Hot Rod show which is in the 3rd weekend of January, sadly I have left it a bit late for things like windscreen, steering knuckles and things.
The standard CF isn't finished also, I did away with the Nissan LD28 diesel engine because I found an Australian assembled CF Bedford with LPG. The van itself was rotten so I just took all the running gear and the dash of all things. It was a face lift model (81) so had the mk2 dash in it.
I welded in the new dash frame, repainted the bits that got damaged in the conversion and am now just waiting for the transmission (wasn't in the van), and the diff and drive shaft don't fit as this was a LWB with dual wheels. So now the standard CF has a 3.3 Holden 6 cly engine.

 November 14th 2008
Recently I've working more on the standard CF van than my custom CF, but on the custom van I have been doing a lot of "unseen" things, like brake lines, fuel lines, shifter ...
The plan was to get the brakes and steering sorted and line tow it home so could finish the body over Xmas. With trying to make a living, working on both vans and the stresses of life it might be pushing it.

 October 29th 2008
The front spoiler finally got finished, were going to put spot lights in it but need to get it on the ground to see what it's going to look like at ground level instead of being stuck up in the air. Have remounted the engine and trans (lowered as lowered the diff to lift up the back slightly) problem now is I need to get some other headers as the ones I have are now to long, have added some brake lines and things also. I have also painted the standard CF Bedford van, painted it an off white (is a GM colour). Have a crests diff to put in it but will get it going first, have most of the wiring sorted out and most of the van put back together.
The custom van, I hope to get the rest of underneath finished so can get it back on the ground and work on the inner and upper stuff. Body wise it's just the outer flares and bonnet fixing that needs done before the filing starts.

 September 9th 2008
Well finally I've done some more work on the beast. Have redone the front flares because I upgraded to 14x8 on the front, have also moulded in the front spoiler but am in the err umm do I like it, do I not? ... about the spoiler so am going to come back to it. Am working on finishing the complete front (photos soon), that includes finishing the grill surround, the front spoiler, bonnet and front flares.
I've also finished all the body work on the standard CF Bedford, just the motor to finish wiring up and a paint job. I placed a picture of all the rust that I had cut out from that van on the BUGA (Bedford Users Group Australia) website.

 March 5th 2008
I can't believe it's March 2008 already, it's like only last week I was working on the van.
Sadly I have no updates to mention, not even on the standard van.
I guess this update is just to let you know I have not disappeared. I get a few emails from time to time asking for updates and things, thanks for them, it inspires me to get back into it - just have to find the time.
I am going to have to put both vans on top of the list very soon, I know I keep saying next update ... but this time ... The plan is to finish the standard CF (only rear quarters and repower to do) with paint then drag the custom van back to the single garage and get it finished.

 November 18th 2007
It seems like it was only a couple of weeks since the last update, rather than months.
Since the last update I have remounted the jaguar independent rear end, I removed the cage and lifted the van 20mm, which means I also have to remount the engine and transmission to suit.
front spoiler mock up
I have also been playing around with the front spoiler but I am not really happy with any ideas I've had yet. It's sort of like you get an idea in your head, you try it but it doesn't look right so you try something else then end up trying to get too fancy so start again, remembering simple is often better.
Hopefully the next update wont be to far away and I'll have some good news for a change.

 September 2nd 2007
Sadly no updates on the van as I have been working on the standard van and riding my motorbike. I've just about finished the standard CF but guess what I am waiting on ... yep parts, I found some new lower rear panels but the guy is real slow in getting them to me.
Here is the standard van
Standard CF Bedford
The whole van has been stripped to metal (paint was crazy cracked), all the rust cut out, and the inside and door jams have been painted (white), just have the lower rear panels to do.
This van is now running a Nissan diesel LD28 with 5 speed gearbox.
This van is just going to be white, but I may add some ghost flames (flames done in just a pearl) cause flames are cool ;)
I have a set of trident mags for it (14x7) and that's about it.
I hope to get some photos soon of this van beside the custom van
The van is jacked up in the front in this photo as I was working on the gearbox mount at the time.

Hopefully the next update will be on the custom van, I've decided to remount the jag diff, the transmission mount and maybe even bring the engine back a fraction - remove one of the universals from the "driveshaft".

 July 27th 2007
No updates as I have been rebuilding the standard SWB CF Bedford I got for a daily driver It's nearly done, just have 3 doors to rebuild then can paint it and drive it.
I hope to start work again on this van soon and hopefully get it in primer before long, and if these damn engine parts ever turn up can start driving it so as to test it all out before painting in case I need to change anything.

 July 3rd 2007
Well today the van was moved again. I'll included a photo of the front soon as that's about the only big difference since the last lot of photos. The inside has a few changes (handbrake and shifter fitted) but isn't really photo worthy.

 June 25th 2007
Looking at the months gone by (further down this page), I noticed this time last year I was waiting for those bits I had won on ebay, well it's a year later and guess what ... yep, am still waiting. I was promised they were finally sent (the rest of the stuff) but seems once again I have been let down.
This last month I have been working only on my new (standard) van, has become a mini restoration with a slight modification. Yeah I know I said no mods but a side door and pillar came along so had to fit it, have also updated the tired old 2.3 Bedford motor for a Nissan LD28 diesel engine. I'm even painting it the original dirty white colour (the van not the motor).
On a custom van note, I was given a dead line to get my van out of my brothers place, and it is fast approaching, so in the next few days (waiting for a fine day) will be moving it to my neighbours workshop where hopefully can finish it off. The weird thing is, this will be the third place it's been (well fourth as I started it at home in a single garage), its getting closer to home each time, will be 5 mins away once moved instead of 12 minutes away.

 May 20th 2007
I've updated a few of the content pages, most just fixing spelling mistakes but a couple of pages as I have changed things slightly.
This month I've done a bit on the bonnet, I've extended the front edge down to the grill so as to avoid another body line gap. I'm confused as to how to hinge the bonnet, the choices are on the side, split in half and hinge on ends, straight up or even just standard.
I have to take a couple of weeks off as my brother (who's place the van is at) is storing some household stuff for a friend so can't work on it. This isn't to bad as my car died and was left with just the motorbike which isn't always ideal when carting stuff around, so I brought a run around - a CF Bedford van. The van had a seized motor and gearbox had no second gear, also had leaky left rear brakes, anyways the gearbox was repaired, motor freed up without pulling it apart, the brakes replaced and now just have to vin it. Someone had spent some money on this van before as it had a new clutch and new front brake cylinders. The down side to this van is it has no side door. This van WILL remain standard, it will NOT be modified in anyway.
I'll probably just keep this new van until I get this van finished, would be good to take some photos beside a original van, am looking forward to towing it - should look good, will get some photos for sure.

 April 23rd 2007
I have been working on the front of the van, mainly the spoiler and mounting the radiator, transmission cooler etc.
The front spoiler just isn't happening the way I want it to, translated meaning my mind is blank and it's not "just happening", am having to think about it. What will probably happen is I'll do the front spoiler then not like it and change it - can't be a bad thing ;)

 April 11th 2007
Another up and down month but at least got some work done.
The good news: The drivers door and right front guard (fender) are finished, and the guard was the last of the rusty bits. Oops I tell a lie, the bonnet has a couple of rust spots in it.
The bad news: My car died and the part isn't available so only have my motorbike to get around in, doesn't make it easy when I need to get some steel, glass etc so brought another CF Bedford van but has stuffed gearbox and motor was seized due to sitting so hopefully have that fixed very soon and can go get some bits to finish the van off.
More bad news: The engine parts I am waiting on my USA still have not been sent, grr, to say I am pissed off about it is an understatement but what can you do. I'll keep at them and hopefully they will be sent soon (has only been a year).
Am on the home stretch now, just the front (grill, bonnet, front spoiler and outer flares) to go then go over it all and straighten it up then a coat of paint, or at least primer.

 March 23rd 2007
I finally got the window and have put on the drivers door skin and done the right front guard.
Looking over the van I only have the bonnet, grill, front spoiler, flares (outer) and maybe the front sunroof to go, then the big file up and skim.
The biggest thing slowing me up at the moment is where the van is, or rather where it should be. At the moment it's at my brothers but it should of been gone from there as he is/was going to be doing some alterations on his house but now that is possibly on hold.
Daylight savings, so gets dark early now, but I hope to get the front finished in a few weeks and then move the van so I can finish off the outside and get it in primer. The inside still needs the floor around the engine done and the dash but am hoping the parts I won on ebay will turn up when they should (around Easter).

 February 7th 2007
Another month and sadly nothing much to update. Am still waiting on the windows.
I've been playing around with the shifter, hand brake and section between the front seats. Have also played around with the steering column (fitted the boss kit and steering wheel) but only because I haven't got any parts to carry on with. I finished the handbrake after getting a cable made to go from the Toyota lever to the Jag cable, need to clean up underneath a bit more and actually test it but is more or less done.
The swap meet wasn't to great, got a couple of pulleys but not much else. A couple more are coming up soon but hopefully my parts will arrive and I can get this van finished.

 January 8th 2007
I was hoping to get the door glass by Xmas but that didn't happen, I was hoping to get the engine parts by Xmas, that didn't happen. I was hoping to get a lot of things done over the Xmas break, but guess what ... that didn't happen.
I managed to mount the shifter, ended up using an original CF one but will change the top. Have also mounted the handbrake but no one was open over the holidays so hope this week I can get the cables etc for them.
I got some electric window regulators for the bonnet (is going to go upwards) but I don't think they will work as they are plastic, so will have to make something.
Kumeu swap meet is coming up (20-21st Jan) so maybe I'll get lucky and find some parts.

 December 12th 2006
I finally got the ball joints and put the front suspension back together. I also managed to find some front mags although not the ideal size I wanted, am sick of trying to find them at a reasonable price so just opted for 14x7 for the front.
The left front inner flare has been done and the front spoiler frame tack welded on. I need to let the front suspension settle again so can get the ride height but I think I'm going to turn the van around again and do the inner flares on the drivers side, and hope I get the door glass back soon so can do the drivers door.
Really there isn't much to do, on the outside it's the flares, spoiler, grill and bonnet, but the inside is the engine area, cover, interior, dash and stuff - everything needing parts.
I've changed the 'latest page' (last number on the navigation) to include photos of the stages, there are big gaps but shows the differences and how far I've come - scary really.

 November 21st 2006
Added some stuff to the front doors and the flares pages. No other work done yet.

 November 14th 2006
This last month has really flown past, seems like just yesterday I made the previous update.
I finally got the door glass the other day (after having to send it back to smooth it up some), tried it, worked well so put on the door skin. The van is looking a lot more complete now with a real door on the van. I have only did the one side (passenger side) as I had to give the glass back again so they could make another one and toughen it.
I have also done the rear inner flare (wheel tub outer) on the passenger side - sorry no pics of either yet. The flare could be done now but I am going to wait and do all the flares at the same time, hate the thought of having different shaped flares.
Oh and I also redid the side door gas stays- turned them around so they actually push the door up instead of down.
I have a couple of small things to plod along with but still need parts, also need some door mirrors now (or make some housings). Would like to get the ball joints next so can put the front suspension back together and get the front flares and front spoiler mocked up.
I need to win lotto (don't we all)

 October 25th 2006
Haven't done much work on the van lately. Am still waiting on parts.
Last update I mentioned I finally found the XC grill I was after, well ... after all that waiting and hunting I might not be using it, I can't find any decent headlights (they all rust) and getting them re silvered is going to cost $300. The thing I have to weigh up is if I want to risk having to go through this all over again if they ever got broken from a stone or whatever, or rusts out again. It might be easier to use some japper lights and just make up a custom grill.
I just had a call saying my front door glass is done, so will pick that up tonight, it is going to fit (positive thinking).
I have started doing the flares and front spoiler but am waiting on my lower ball joints so can sort out the front mags and ride height, fingers crossed one of the sets of mags I have for the front will be a good offset, they will be! (more positive thinking).
Kumeu car show is fast approaching (Jan 07) and I would love to drive the van there but have to remain realistic as I have some more parts coming from USA (to replace the ones that went missing) but they wont get here until just before Xmas and with Xmas mail usually slow could be a bit later.
I've updated the flares page and added the front spoiler page - both unfinished.

 September 12st 2006
Finally I went and did some work on the van, not much, but enough for an update.
I mentioned a few updates ago that I found a XC Fairmont grill, well I finally put it in, even though I still haven't got my door glass back yet. The grill page has been updated.
My front suspension is out and will be installing new bushes and ball joints, non of that urethane crap, original CF rubber bushes.
The bulk lot of CF stuff has been listed on a NZ auction site, the listing is for seven days and finishes tomorrow at 8pm (ish), lots of views but no bids yet. Who ever buys it, will easily make their money back if they sold it off again separately.

 September 5th 2006
I've included a couple of pictures of some of the CF Bedford stuff that will be up for sale very soon. The pictures don't do it justice but there are ten pallets so far and that's not the drums, front ends, diffs, gearboxes, mtr parts, steering racks etc.
[edit] The Bedford stuff has been sold - pictures removed.
Is hard to make out whats what in the picture, but the box at the back for example (with number 12 on the front of it) is full of dashboards and wiper mtrs. I've lettered each pallet but is hard to make out as the images have been sized to fit here.
This is just to give a rough idea of whats coming. I will listing each pallets contents on the auction listing.
Auction date will be around the 16th of this month if all goes to plan.

 August 12th 2006
There hasn't been anything done to the van of late because I've been rebuilding my garage (was rotten) then hurt my knee, been living on pain killers but it is on the mend.
I've finally got a XC Ford Fairmont grill but am not able to put it in until I get the door skins and front guards on - am waiting on the door glass again.

 July 20th 2006
Still no updates - still waiting on parts, I got some but not the ones I need.
I have redone the back doors door latch (inner), figured the dinky japper thing I was using wouldn't hold up to the solenoid so designed and made up something using the inner handle of a japper van (think it was a Mazda), then decided not to have the solenoid as the rear door is kind of spring loaded (way I set the gas rams up) and would hate the door to open up on something or someone so rear door is manual only now (from inside). I have allowed the option to mount the solenoid again if I choose to at a later date. See, I need some parts so I can get it finished instead of redoing bits.
I have also had several emails (even though I don't make it easy for you guys to contact me lol) asking for some guides, so I have decided to do the two most requested - A how to chop a CF Bedford and a buyers guide (what to watch out for body wise mainly), although I'm not to sure how great the second will be as I've only had two vans with the original motors in, have always repowered them. I was asked to do a repowering guide but there is already one on the web thanks to Garry at VANZ, his guide How to Re-Power your CF Bedford takes you through what was involved in fitting a 350 Chev V8, 350 Turbo transmission and 9" Ford diff into his 1980 CF Bedford LWB van. He also has another good guide on Rear Flared Guards, Rear Door Removal and Rear Bumpers into his 1980 CF Bedford LWB Van, can be found here. And I understand the Vanz website will have some more how-to's in the near future.

Also there will be a heap of CF Bedford parts listed on trademe soon, I am to sell them on behalf of the owner, we are talking about mostly mechanical bits - motors, gearboxes (no zf's they are being sold separately), lights, badges, hinges, suspension, everything Bedford, there are a couple of mark 2 bonnets and some back doors, there are holden discs and stuff for disc brakes, some holden mtrs (although these could be sold to scrap), some falcon diffs (used for CF conversions), windows ... way to much to list, just think everything that can be unbolted from a CF, including front and rear suspension off all CF types, LWB, SWB, ambo, pickup ... This will be once in a life time sale, all goes as one, wont be sold separately (If I had the space I'd buy it all and sell it off). There is a truck load of parts, so I'll mention in here with more details of what and some photos of it all and details of when etc.

 June 21st 2006
No real updates, been waiting on parts I won on ebay, but as luck would have it, they seem to have disappeared. They were sent from a friend, but they haven't arrived in New Zealand yet and US postal service is having a problem tracking them (they were insured). It's been nine weeks, was told four - six. The parts include headers, carb, dizzy, water pump and rocker covers (short ones) which I need so can finish off the floor and interior sections, including seats, dash and exhausts among others.
Am still playing around with the side windows, have changed the design a couple of times, until I can get one that works 100% all of the time I am just plating with a wooden template.
One of the front stubs was bent, managed to get another one from Murray at McQuoid Auto Engineering (he does the Bedford conversions etc) but am now having trouble getting bearings to suit. The old one had the stub machined which is a no-no.
Have also been playing with the handbrake and shifter, though I can't mount them properly until at least the water pump and pulley arrives so I know how high to make the section between the seats.

 June 6th 2006 (666)
Well today is the 6th day of the 6th month of 06 - 666 if your superstitious.
The only reason I bring this up is that I was taking some updated pictures of the tail lights and an image appeared in the picture, no it's not Elvis, jesus or even the virgin mary, it's half a skull. Maybe it's my helper (can blame them for the mistakes) or maybe it's my time.
the half skull
Really it's just the angle of the dangle, right light (no flash), right dent/recess causing it to appear like a half skull, thoughts I'd share it with you anyways.
A close up
close up of half skull

 June 1st 2006
Well the door glass was a flop, one of the holes was half a hole out but the window tilted slightly at a half raise so am going to redesign the window joiner part, something between Bedford and Mazda (what the electric window is out of).
I've redone the tail lights, not 100% finished at time of this entry but photos and text added to this point. Am I happy with them? To be honest am not sure, am still thinking round tail lights might suit it better.
Other bits I've been working on are just tiny bits, things like mounting number plate lights, securing brake lines, sealing the floor ...
If updates are mentioned here but you go to the page and they aren't changed, press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page, hitting refresh wont be enough if the page has been cached.

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