Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

General Q&A

How do we contact you?

The best way is via my facebook page Busykiwi

Where are you based?

We are based in Dinsdale, Hamilton, New Zealand

Can you deliver?

I can sometimes deliver locally for a little extra. We have found a carrier who will deliver it outside (or even inside) of Hamilton for a reasonable price. Price depends on the area you live. Is delivered to your door.

Are you GST registered?

No we aren't

Can you send me an invoice?

Yes we can

Mud kitchens Q&A

Is the wood treated?

Yes, it is all treated H3.2, made for out doors.

Why do you not use full size stainless bench tops?

They can be very dangerous in the summer months. The stainless steel heats up and reflects heat. Children can burn themselves and / or get badly sun burnt.

Why do you not cover the oven door?

I don't cover the front of the door as kids have been known to place small animals inside. With a cover on the front the animal may not be seen or be able to get out.

Can this be painted / stained / oiled ?

Yes they can. I had a lady who brought one for her daughter. The daughter was into Barney so they painted it purple with green spots. The following year was into The Wiggles so it got stripes.
It can be oiled, painted or stained but might need to be redone yearly if is a high traffic area.

Do you do them in a flat pack?

No. I have thought about it but the mud kitchens contain over 100 screws of three different lengths and is built with the whole thing giving it's strength.

Can you make it shorter?

Yes we can but we try not to. It's better for the child to grow into it rather than the child to grow out of it. A step is often all that's needed.

Do you make custom orders?

Yes we do. Contact us via our face book page

Do you require a deposit ?

Either a deposit or payment in full to secure your order being built.

Can I pay it off?

Yes, as long as it's paid in full before collection / drop off.

What if I paid a deposit but no longer want it?

If the kitchen is a custom made one the deposit may not be refundable. If the kitchen is a standard version (able to be resold) you may be entitled to a refund.

Display Stand Q&A

Do you make custom lengths and widths?

We can, depending on the product as to how tall and wide we can go without extra supports.

Is the wood treated?

No, is recycled timber. They are made for indoors so isn't needed to be treated.

Planter Q&A

Is the wood treated?

Yes, it is all treated H3.2, made for out doors.

Does the planter need to be lined?

While the planter is treated, it's meant to be heat treated. I've used them for years and had no side effects from using them.
Side note, if you do line them, be sure to add plenty of drainage holes.

Can I grow *the name of a vegetable or fruit here* in them?

You can grow just about anything in them. Some things like potatoes you should use a deeper planter / garden.

Do I need to add drain holes?

No, has plenty of drainage

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